WymingtonWymington is situated in a corner of North-West Bedfordshire in a peninsular that protrudes into Northamptonshire. On the Rushden road it actually adjoins the town of Rushden.

Until post Victorian times it was particularly small, consisting of a cluster of stone houses around the church and on the High St.

There was a large expansion during the 1930's and 1940's. There are now some 350 houses. There were several farms within the village and some outlying farms.

Wymington has existed for many centuries and there is evidence of Roman activity in the area. There are at least 12 entries in the Doomsday Book, including the manor.

The church of St. Lawrence was begun in 1350, and John Curteys, who started the work, is buried in the chancel with his wife. There is a good ornamented tower and spire and the interior is rich and complex, with a fine nave roof of medieval timber. There are some rare pull out pews and also brasses of Knights and their ladies.